Pain or Liberation?

Everything hurts, yes, absolutely everything hurts…starting from my head and neck all the way down to my knees and toes. Sometimes it feels good, sometimes I enjoy the feeling of being able to feel something of such magnitude. Does that make me a masochist? Is there any “fruit” to harvest at the end of the path of torture? Will there ever be liberation and awareness?

My name is Misa and I have recently become part of a spiritual and yet multi-milliionaire industry called: yoga. You have probably heard from it on TV, through a member of your family or circle of friends, at your local gym, or stumbled upon a yoga ad on the internet.

When I first came across the path of yoga I never realized how deep and challenging the practice would be. I completely underestimated the difficulty of it, as I was a 19 year-old kid trying out more strenuous forms of exercising such as martial arts and body building. I soon left the practice and focused on things that mattered to me (I had a rock band that required much of my time), and didn’t bother to continue something which I considered a waste of time.

It took me 8 years until I tried a class at my gym and it was exactly the same type of yoga I did during my late teens, Ashtanga Yoga. To my surprise my girlfriend had also joined a few classes with the same teacher I was about to practice with. I entered the class, took a yoga mat and placed it far away from the teacher because I was afraid of poor performance; and so it was, my body never felt so stiff and inflexible as it felt that day, and the teacher could not help me much. Since then I tried several other teachers trying to find the perfect one for me. I just couldn’t resist the class and the benefits that came with it, hence my passion and love for it.

This space will be about that. I’d like to describe the benefits, discomforts, pains, joys, life style and everything involving becoming a more serious yogi from a personal point of view. For now, pain is the most recurring thought.

What is the ultimate goal of yoga? Is it awareness? of what? How can we be more aware of everything without losing a knee, a head, or a friend?

I feel compelled to approach these and more topics in the near future.